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Subject: Hassan and Sab: Father and Son - Part 1This story contains various sexual interactions between males various ages.
If you are offended by any of this then china virgin sex movie close
the page, otherwise, I hope you enjoy my story!If you like it, tell me and virgins nude thumbnails
I will continue more chapters. Also point out
where it could improve in future. Thanks!
Hassan and Sab: Father and Son - Part 1
Sab had lived with his father since the age of 2. When Hassan divorced Sab's
mother, Hassan was given custody over their son. Because of her substance
abuse, Hassan distanced himself and his son from her by moving overseas, to
start a new life in Australia, away from their home of Turkey.By the time Sab was 3 years old, they had settled into a nice home in Sydney
on the outer skirts of the city. There Hassan worked virgin porno kids as a repairman, making
a decent income to support himself and his son, who attended a public school
at the age of 4 and consistently got excellent marks.Home life between Hassan and Sab was wonderful. They had a close
relationship which was very much like a friendship. Sab felt he could tell
his father anything.Hassan is a built, muscular man. He's not too hairy, but around his lower
half he is. His face is well-defined, his skin is olive and his eyes and
hair are dark. His dark, thick cock can reach an impressive 9 inches when
fully erect.Sab is a young, olive-skinned child. He is slim but well-defined for his
age. He is still completely hairless on his body. His hair and eyes illegale virgin girl are dark
like his father.When Sab turned 7, Hassan organized a birthday party for him and he made
sure Sab invited all of his friends over. He was secretly sad that his son
was growing up so fast, but he wanted his son's childhood to be memorable.
He had been saving for a month to buy Sab the BMX bike he had been asking
for for almost a year. The joy he felt inside when he saw his son's surprise
and delight at the gift was beyond description."Thankyou for virgin chinese sex
the party Papa, and for the present!"Hassan smiled, and reached out to hug him."Anything for my wonderful son. You know I love you very much Sab?""I love you too Papa," his son beamed back petite teen virgins at him.Later that evening it was time for Sab to have a bath. Usually they would
bathe together, but tonight Hassan planned to change that."Sab, you are little girls virgins naked a big boy now. I think you are old enough to have baths all by
yourself." Hassan smiled as he said this, trying to look as optimistic as
possible."But Papa! I like having baths with you!""I know you do, but you're getting older now, and there are some things you
need to do yourself.""Please Papa, I don't like to be in the water on my own..."Last year at the school swimming carnival, Sab had almost drowned in the
deep end after having a sudden asthma attack during a race. Since then he
always felt nervous around water, even in the bath. When dad was with him,
he always felt secure.Hassan couldn't bear to upset his son; just the expression on his face was
enough to make him give in."OK, you win. I'll still have baths with you. But, eventually you will need
to have them yourself, understand?""Yes Papa!""Good, now run the water. This time make it a bit cooler, you always
complain that it's too hot but you have only yourself to blame mister!"They both nadia virgin laughed as Sab put the plug in the drain and pictures of virgins fucked ran the water. After
they both undressed, Sab stopped the water running and they both entered the
water."Nice, you got it perfect this time didn't you?"Hassan always sat up in the bath with Sab's back facing him. He always
shampooed and washed his son. As Sab squirmed around playing with his bath
toys, he rubbed his back against Hassan's cock. Hassan couldn't help but
become hard from all the movement and contact. Sab turned around in surprise
when he felt this hardness pressing into his back. He looked down in the
water at his Papa's enlarged dick."Papa, what happened to your willy?"Hassan dreaded this moment for a long time, the moment when he would have to
explain sex to his son. He decided to be straightforward and honest about
everything."You see son, when a boy grows older, he begins to have certain desires. He
may see a girl that he likes, and become physically attracted to her.""What does that mean?""It means that he wants to spend some special time with her. One of the main
things that a man and woman do together that is special is have sex. That
means a man puts his penis into the woman's vagina.""What's a vagina?""Well Sab, boys and men have a penis in-between their legs. Women have a
vagina; it's like a hole that a man can put his penis in. And you can see my
penis has grown bigger than usual - that is so that it can be put into a
woman's vagina.""But there's no woman here to put it into Papa.""Well sometimes all it takes is for the penis to be touch for it to become
bigger.""I want mine to get bigger Papa!"Hassan laughed. "I don't think you're ready for that yet Sab, that's
something that older boys do."Sab started to fondle his small penis, wondering how he could make it
bigger."Papa, please show me how to russian virgins movie do it! I want one big like you!"Hassan laughed again, but noticed his erection wasn't going away. Was he
turned on by his 7 year old son? Without thinking about it, he exclusive virgin reached into
the water and fondled Sab's 2 inch cock. Sab looked at his penis as, sure
enough, it began to harden and grow slightly to about 3 inches."Wow Papa, it got bigger! It feels so good when you touch it!"Hassan was feeling awkward. He shouldn't have been touching his son this
way. It was against his faith, but also against the law."Daddy, what happens after the man puts his penis in the vagina?"Hassan let go of Sab's penis and cleared his throat before continuing to
explain."Well the man pushes in and out of the vagina, because it feels very good.
After some time, a white liquid comes out of the penis and into the woman's
vagina. The white liquid is called 'semen', but you can just call it 'cum'.
Sometimes the cum can cause a baby to start growing inside the woman, and
the woman then becomes pregnant.""So russain virgin free pics I was inside mum before I was born?""That's right Sab, and when you were ready, you came out of your mum's
vagina.""Eww! That's gross Papa". Hassan laughed at the disgusted look on his son's
face."So Papa, what do you do if your penis gets big but there's no woman around?
How do you make it go back to normal?""That's why men do something called masturbation. It means you rub your
penis until you shoot out cum. After you shoot it out, your penis goes make
to its small size.""Can you show virgin fucked 15 yo me how you do it Papa?"Hassan considered fucking litlle virgins what he was about to do. But his horniness was taking
over, and he couldn't resist jacking off for his son."OK Sab, now sit back while I jerk off."As Hassan worked his dark, 9 inch cock, Sab watched in fascination. Hassan
looked at litle virgin porno free russian virgins photos
his cock while jacking, but soon found himself looking at Sab's
young face. sexy virgin gallery The innocent look on his son was incredibly arousing. Hassan's
jerking became faster, and yong virgins
the water in the bath began to splash everywhere.
His hairy balls bounced up and down as his cock was thrust by his strong
hand. Hassan became caught up in a moment of lust."Son, come closer and bring your face close to my cock."Sab did so without any question. He still had an intense look of curiosity
on his face.Hassan lost all sense of normality and reason. "Sab, open your mouth and get
ready. Sab did so, again without question.Hassan breathed heavily and began to moan loudly as he shoot thick ropes of
cum into his pure, innocent son's open mouth. He held his son's virgin arts pics head in
place making sure virgin girls sex photo all of his nectar entered Sab. "Swallow it son, it's the
seed of your father. It is the fluid of life, the liquid that created you."
Sab squinted as he swallowed his father's semen, not knowing what to think
of what had just happened.Hassan breathing calmed down and he let go of Sab's head. Sab looked at his
father, waiting for him to explain what he had just done."Did you like that son?"Sab had to consider for a moment. He didn't understand what was happening,
but it did feel good when his father touched his penis, and for some reason
he enjoyed swallowing his cum."Um, yes...I did like it Papa!"Relief washed over Hassan, and the guilt he began to feel virgin chinese sex was somewhat
eased. He brought Sab closer to him and kissed him on illegal virgins photos
the forehead. Then he
moved his large lips down to his son's. He began to kiss him, and then put
his tongue in Sab's mouth. Sab naturally went along with the kiss, as though
he had done it before. When they finished, they looked into each other's
eyes and smiled."Sab, if you liked what we did fucking litlle virgins tonight, later on I can show you other things
you might like. Are you interested?""Yes Papa!""Great son, my little boy is becoming a man so fast!""I love you Papa!""I love you too son."They embraced some more, Sab nestling himself into his father's strong and
secure grip.
To be continued....
If you have any comments, suggestions or you just liked the story and would
like me to continue, please email me! My address is
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